Playlist below will be updated upon the release of the album (July 26th).

D E I F Y - X

Add Date: 07/26/2019

FCC: Clean (entire album)

Focus Tracks: 2, 3, 4, and 10

Formats: Top 200, Modern Rock Specialty, Active Rock, & Triple A

Artist Information: Deify’s story starts - as do many rock n roll origin stories - in a suburban basement. This particular basement resided in the Byargeon’s childhood home, just 15 minutes outside of Seattle, Washington, wherein young Duncan found a shiny turquoise Fender under the Christmas tree. Not long thereafter, whilst he whanged away with great gusto, Jared crept on to the throne of his father’s barely-touched drum kit and began flailing away in earnest.

However, it wasn’t until a few years further down the road when Deify would evolve from a basement project into a proper band. In 2008, as Duncan was arranging parts for his own project in their shared practice room, Jared sat down at the kit and joined in seamlessly. In that moment, they realized they shared a musical destiny.     

Over the next nine years they recorded and released two DIY albums, direct from their parent’s basement. The band started touring locally on the strength of these rough recordings, soon gaining a loyal local following. Realizing they needed a proper studio to accurately capture their vision, they went to Blash Studios to record their songwriting highlights of the past decade.

The result? Their forthcoming LP, X, is a melodic snapshot of a decade’s worth of songwriting evolution, equally suited to sweaty clubs and dusty backroads, reflecting the dual nature of the land from which it was born. Lyrically, it covers broad ground; from the deeply personal yet universally familiar struggles of the heart to broad-stroke meditations on the ever-evolving socio-political status of our country and the world at large.

Together, brothers Duncan and Jared Byargeon have crafted raucous tribute to the land of big amps and mighty pines, where feedback and big-ass drum fills are honed to a razor edge by a deftly-applied touch of country twang. Sometimes an amp stack just needs eight speakers to get the job done.