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Born and raised on classic rock and “the 80s”, the Byargeon brothers founded Deify before any of them were old enough to drive. Inspired by the bluesy grooves of AC/DC, storytelling of Tom Petty, and edge of early grunge, the band delivers a fresh take on rock n roll, with a Seattle flare that’s sure to keep you tapping your toes.

Over the years, the band’s live performance has been the driving force behind their success around the Pacific Northwest, playing some of the most renowned bars and clubs in Seattle, drawing comparisons to Velvet Revolver, Queens of the Stone Age, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Until now, the band operated out of their childhood basement, from which they released two albums, Between the Lines (2014). and The Masquerade (2017). Going into the band’s 10th year, they’ve graduated to professional recording studios and are set to release multiple works throughout 2019.

So Far Away EP

The "So Far Away" EP, the band’s debut studio recording, is designed as a mini-memoir about DB's year-long, long-distance relationship. Rain City Collective described it as “unmistakably a rock album, but also a nuanced evolution for the band and the genre, proving that rock still has room to grow”. We’d like to think so too. Being that they put it so nicely, we’ll let them close out our bio as well: “if you're a rocker, there's a lot to love on Deify's new release, "So Far Away". If you're not already a fan of the genre, "So Far Away" might be the EP that ignites your connection to the heavy sound of distorted guitars and thumbing drums of rock and roll”.



Press Quotes

[Deify’s] new EP is spectacular, taut, and so compelling that it might just renew your faith in the power of rock.
— Rain City Collective
These brothers are the real deal and such a cool clean-cut rock band
— BuzzMusic LA
Deify delivers a fresh take on rock n roll with a Seattle flare that’s sure to keep you dancing
— BuzzMusic LA
A modern blues-rock sound with smooth riffs, high energy drumming, and heartfelt storytelling, with a Northwest twist
— Northwest Music Scene



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