Born and raised on classic rock and “the 80s”, the Byargeon brothers founded Deify before any of them were old enough to drive. Inspired by the bluesy grooves of AC/DC, storytelling of Tom Petty, and edge of early grunge, the band delivers a fresh take on rock n roll, with a Seattle flare that’s sure to keep you tapping your toes.

On their forthcoming LP X, Pacific Northwest band of brothers Deify distill a decade worth of collaborative creativity into cohesive collection of unapologetic Rock n’ Roll. Equally suited to sweaty clubs and dusty back-roads, X reflects the dual nature of the land from which it was born. Together, brothers Duncan and Jared Byargeon have crafted raucous tribute to the land of big amps and mighty pines, where feedback and big-ass drum fills are honed to a razor edge by a deftly-applied touch of country twang. Sometimes an amp stack just needs eight speakers to get the job done.



Press Quotes

[Deify’s] new EP is spectacular, taut, and so compelling it might just renew your faith in the power of rock
— Rain City Collective
Deify delivers a fresh take on rock n roll with a Seattle flare that’s sure to keep you dancing
— BuzzMusic LA
Get ready to have your speakers blown out – Deify’s...meant to be played at full volume, preferably while flooring it down a deserted highway.
— Imperfect Fifth
Deify delivers a modern blues-rock sound with smooth riffs, high energy drumming, and heartfelt story telling with a Northwest twist
— Northwest Music Scene

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